Grappling Dummies for MMA Training

Want to improve your grappling skills in MMA? Train as much as possible? You wont always have a partner to practice with but that's where a grappling dummy is your new best friend. Using a grappling dummy, you’ll be able to visualize and set up fight scenarios in your own space, anytime you want.

Variable Poses

In MMA you are fighting from all positions, on the floor or on the feet. At one point you might be in guard, side guard, being mounted or scrambling for position.

Being able to work your fighting dummy in various positions lets you visualize attacks or counter attacks. Be creative, start chaining ideas together.

Having a  grappling dummy with realistic limbs and movement gives you a great framework to work out ideas. Spartan Combat Equipment Dummies can work in poses that you can expect in fighting. Work them into different positions and respond to their position.

Real Feeling

When you use a Spartan Combat Equipment dummy, you’ll notice it feels close to working with a real person with real joints. No the dummy can’t fight back, but the feeling of the weight over your body or an arm, leg or neck in your grasp will feel very familiar.

We understand that realistic movement of the limbs is vital for getting correct placement when performing locks and submissions. No "bendyness" associated with other grappling or Bjj dummies here. You will feel structure and the solidity you would expect to feel in real limbs.

This is important for training in MMA, Bjj or Self Defense regardless of expertise level. It helps promote realistic solo training while also developing muscle memory from hours of drilling and chaining moves together.

Perfect For Teaching

Teachers can use the training dummy to help their students, or even out odd numbers in class. Using a training dummy you can perform serious moves without endangering a nervous first timer.

For one on one training it's often easier for students to see the technique being applied to someone else ( or a realistically jointed grappling dummy ) before getting to grips with the move themselves.They are perfect for training classes at any level.

Durable And Agile

There two traits that a grappling MMA dummy needs to have. It needs to be durable to take hours of drilling, but it also needs to be agile so that it can drill in different positions. Spartan Combat Equipment dummies hit both these targets.

Our grappling and Bjj dummies are a solid investment that will provide the perfect training partner in your solo workouts for years to come.

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