Grappling Dummies for Brazilian Jujitsu Training

Are you looking for the perfect BJJ training partner? We think the answer could be one of our Grappling Dummies!  Due to the design and the build of our dummies, it provides training as close to the real deal as you can get. Here are some of the ways you can tackle the challenges of solo training with your dummy.

Never Bored, Always Ready

Training partners can get bored before you do. Some days you might just want to drill that one move for hours. Understandably this can grind a little on any training buddy.. No one wants to be anybody's practice dummy for hours on end. No one that is, except your dummy. Your buddy's never saying no to a training session.

Cover Guard

Fundamental in Bjj, and you can practice cover guard with your dummy too. A crazy amount of techniques are at your fingertips from cover guard from triangle chokes to omoplata, mount escapes to butterfly sweeps plus many, many others.

Getting your tactical game on

Work out different tactics for a fight by starting your dummy off in various positions. How do I out smart my opponent from this or that position?. Or, how could my opponent get the upper hand against me here?.

Running these drills can inspire creativity in rolling. With regular practice with your dummy, you can develop and bring flow and improvisation to your game.

Heavy Training

Not all of us are built like pro wrestlers with ridiculous strength, and even they get injured now and then. You may find yourself in this situation at some point.

Rolling with a resistant partner only aggravates a neck, back or shoulder issue. Many customers have been able to train to some degree with our dummy's at home while recuperating from injury.

They are able to go through various drills at their own pace without having to stop training altogether.

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