About Our Grappling Dummies

What is the difference between the MAXIMUS, MAX and GLADIUS Products?

'MAXIMUS' Is "non fixed". This basically means it's more pose-able as it's limbs are not pre set in the guard position ( like the MAX model ). For example if you extend a limb straight at the elbow or knee joint, it stays straight untill you bend the limb again. You can also fix the dummy from the top of the head via a screw in hook for clinching or standing techneiques. MAXIMUS is also popular for Self Defence and Security training.

'MAX' is designed purely for ground work and is great for Bjj drills and grappling. He's preset in the "Guard Position." This makes "chaining" moves and developing flow easier, as there's less need to re position the dummy or reset the limbs after bending them. The limbs automatically retract back into position. This action mimics the instinctive reaction to tuck limbs in close, rather than leave an arm or leg out to be easily grabbed. 

"GLADIUS" is our Hybrid Model. This model boasts the functionality of MAX, MAXIMUS as well as two "Hybrid Settings" which can be any combination of the Max and Maximus models in one dummy. Thats FOUR models in one. Extremely adaptive technology to move with the ever changing requirements of solo drilling.


How poseable is MAXIMUS?

MAXIMUS can hold a solid 'turtle' or guard position until it's knocked over and simply reset. Because it's not fixed permanently in this position, it also lets you practice drills standing up, guard passing, stacking and all manner of chokes and leg locks.

Can I practice standing techniques with MAXIMUS and GLADIUS?

Yes! Bearhugs, chokes, collar grabs, head locks, self defense techniques and more can be simulated from a standing position. MAXIMUS and GLADIUS have a loop at the base of the neck for attaching a tether cord for standing.

Can I fit the dummies in a gi?

It's a good idea to dress the dummies in a gi (A2 size) or loose clothing. This greatly increases the amount of techniques you can perform. And, this will also help keep your dummy fresh and clean as you can wash those clothes when needed. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

Guarantee is limited to New Zealand & Australia due to shipping costs. To ensure quality, further structural reinforcements are made for each and every dummy shipped outside of these countries. We take pride in the quality and durability of our products and the fact they will last when used correctly. 

How much do the dummies weigh?

Both MAX,  MAXIMUS and GLADIUS weight around 14kg (30+ Lb).

NOTE: If this sounds a bit light,  remember we're talking "dead weight." Most of the weight is centered in the body itself, so you will feel it when using it in your guard for triangles, kimuras etc. Dressing the dummy in a gi or other loose clothes also adds weight.

 Adding a gi or other loose clothing will add a little extra weight too. A lighter dummy is more responsive in rolling and also can be of great benifit if you are recovering from injury & don't want the extra weight to deal with.

How tall are the dummies?

174cm (5'8")

Are the dummies mass produced?

No, each dummy is hand crafted and individually tested.

How long does it take to get the dummies delivered?

Delivery times typically vary between 7 to 10 days. 

Are the dummies throwing dummies?

No, MAXIMUS,  MAX and GLADIUS are all about helping you develop your technique, muscle memory and flow. 


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