Check out these testimonials for our premier Grappling Dummys. We could tell you how great we are, but why don't we let our satisfied customers speak instead! 

Having such a high quality grappling dummy has improved my game. Because Maximus is fully jointed you can train any moves that you can think of - there isn't a choke, armlock, leg lock, guard pass or sweep you can't drill. I definitely recommend Maximus -  because you get unrestrained access to drill your techniques, and that drilling will drive success.

Tim W, N.Z

"Can't convey how impressed I am. High quality finish and great craftmanship. Very easy to draw him into the guard and get him into position for techniques. The articulated joints get your locks into the right position unlike other un-articulated stuffed arm joints I've tried on other dummies.

I feel lucky to have stumbled upon your website -who knows what I could have ended up with!

James A - Sydney

Great news! Maximus our Grappling Dummy was a finalist in the Martial Arts 'Best Grappling Dummy' category. 

June 2016 Dummy pix 010.jpg

"As a coach of the grappling sports, I find Max an invaluable tool for me to demonstrate techniques one-on-one to my students. It is also great as a drilling partner for group classes where there is an odd number of students. I love the way the joints are properly modeled for a realistic feel. I don't know of any other grappling dummy that can be positioned in the number of ways Max can be positioned. I can demonstrate armbars, kneebars, triangles, rear chokes, anacondas and d'arce chokes, heel hooks, wristlocks, double and single leg takedowns, control positions and escape positions. When I put a gi on him, the number of techniques I can demonstrate doubles! I highly recommend Max for anyone needing to frequently demonstrate or drill grappling techniques."

Van Milnes, MMA and Grappling Instructor at Auckland MMA

 Maximus is the REAL deal. Buy Now to get your own dummy!

"Top quality gear NZ Made. Perfect for gym and home situation."

Scott from North Shore Kickboxing

I love my Max, it's amazing! Im big on arm bars & heel hooks & the arms/legs on this thing are perfect for it.

Love how max operates in cover guard for triangle chokes or arm bars from my back too, pretty stable and feels strong, id recommend max anytime. I think my girlfriend is jelous of the amount of time i spend with it especially before a comp. Cheers!

David W.A  

"..quick response and delivery was superb. The communication with both Duane and Michele has been so professional and fast. We definitely recommend this business to others.Thanks so much.

Nicola and Murray

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