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*  Intelligent life-like design

 *  Realistic & Responsive joints

 *  Better than the real thing (almost!



Only $499.00 + $144.00 Delivery US Wide = $643.00.

MAXIMUS is one smart dummy and the last training dummy you will ever need.


Developed using the latest in fight technology, MAXIMUS offers the best in real life grappling when training without a partner. 

Durable materials and advanced body mechanics design, Maximus is engineered to help you perfect and maintain your technique in your solo workout. 

Both Maximus & Max feature life-like,  POWERFUL joints and limbs that give REALISTIC MOVEMENT   without the 'bendiness' of other dummies.



                        "Can't convey how impressed I am. High quality finish and great craftmanship. Very easy to draw him into the guard and get him into position for techniques. The articulated joints get your locks into the right position, unlike other un-articulated stuffed arm joints I've tried on other dummies. I feel lucky to have stumbled onto your website. Who know what I could have ended up with!" James A - Sydney, Australia


              Train Like A Champion...Whenever you Want!


  • Drill to perfection -  Bored training buddies are unreliable. With your new partner, you'll take as much time as you need to master each technique.  
  • Workout at your own pace - Training with a partner can force you to rush or spend too much time on moves you've already mastered. Maximus is ready when you are, and there to work on any move you want for as long as you need. 
  • Maximize your alone time - With all the extra time on the mat, feel those techniques sharpen, and hit your training goals faster. 


"Very happy with Maximus, this dummy is the business!  I use alot of armbars & heelhooks & the arms and legs on this dummy are freaky real for this. I like how it operates in cover guard for triangle chokes, or armbars from my back. He feels stable and strong, I'd recommend him anytime." David, Western Australia 



                                                 Built To Last

MAXIMUS is made for fighters by fighters, so you can feel confident he's gym tested and approved. 

  • Durable -  Made from 100% fight-tested materials, Maximus lets you drill every move all day long, no problem. 


  • Realistic -  Each of Maximus's limbs lock at full extension like real joints are meant to! Essential for getting locks into the correct position. 


  • Padded - All areas of his body are padded to give a lifelike quality and protection while you get down to business. 

 Are you beginning to see what separates MAXIMUS from the rest? 


"Having such a high quality grappling dummy has improved my game. Because Maximus is fully jointed you can train any moves that you can think of - there isn't a choke, armlock, leg lock, guard pass or sweep you can't drill. I definitely recommend Maximus because you get unrestrained access to drill your techniques, and that drilling will drive success". Tim W, New Zealand 


MAXIMUS is being hailed as one of today's leading training dummies for anybody who is serious about world-class grappling, MMA, or BJJ. 

                   It's time to upgrade your solo workout.


When you compare the value of this training dummy against the cost of other training products, you'll see that there is no comparison especially at this price.

This is an investment in yourself & your training progress. Up your solo workout to a higher level.

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Only $499.00 + $144.00 Delivery US Wide = $643.00.

Maximus Speaks: FAQ's

How poseable is Maximus?

Maximus can hold a solid 'turtle' or guard position until it's knocked over and simply reset. Because it's  not fixed permanently in this position, it also let's you practice drills standing up, guard passing, stacking and all manner of chokes and leg locks. 

Can I practice standing techniques with you?

Yes! Bearhugs, chokes, collar grabs, head locks, self defense techniques and more can be simulated from a standing position. This requires a 'screw in' type hook (at least 6mm thick) in the top of the head so it will stand upright. 

Can I fit Maximus in a gi?

 It's a good idea to dress Maximus in a Gi ( A2 size )or loose clothing.  This greatly increases the amount of techniques you can perform. And, this will also help keep your dummy fresh and clean as you can wash those clothes when needed. 

 Do you offer a guarantee? 

 Guarantee is limited to New Zealand & Australia due to shipping costs. To ensure quality, further structural reinforcements are made for each and every dummy shipped outside of these countries. We take pride in the quality and durability of our products and the fact they will last when used correctly. 

 How much do you weigh?

Around 18kg (40 Lb)  when the body cavity is filled using ordinary dry sand. 

-NOTE: If this sounds a bit light,  remember we're talking "dead weight." Most of the weight is centered in the body itself, so you will feel it when using it in your guard for triangles, kimuras etc. Dressing the dummy in a gi or other loose clothes also adds weight.

Or you can leave the dummy lighter if you are recovering from injury & don't want the extra weight to deal with.

 How tall are you?

174cm (5"8)

Are you mass produced? 

No, each dummy is hand crafted and individually tested.  

How long does it take to get you delivered?

Delivery times typically vary between 7 to 10 days. 

Are you a throwing dummy?

No, Maximus is all about helping you develop your technique, muscle memory and flow. 


Contact Us for info on this, or any other questions you may have.   

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