***  I just want to thank you for your customer service and for providing an excellent product. I received Max in great condition. Top shape and immediately tested it out. Very happy with it. Again thank you so much. Max has been an invaluable training partner. The level and quality of his construction is top-notch and would last any serious grappler a lifetime!  Jeff. A  (USA)  ***


 Who are we?

We are designers and manufacturers of high quality grappling dummies used for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ), combat training, self defence and by security forces.  


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How did we come about?

WAY BACK in 2002, our designer Duane Riley looked around for a grappling dummy to fill the gap in his own solo training. He found equipment was super expensive and hard to buy in New Zealand. Using a bit of "Kiwi know how", his first dummy was born.

TWO YEARS later after a lot of trial and error, Maximus quietly emerged from the workshop. He now lives in gyms, and lurks in the spare rooms and garage floors of hundreds of keen rollers. To our great delight, Max is now sought after around the globe.  


Let us help you! 

Our goals are simple: to design & build grappling dummies that we know enhance your solo workout. We want to help you, the modern fighter achieve YOUR goals. 

Our products are sold into grappling gyms, Self Defence & Security Installations & the home user simply looking to develop their skill set.

Buy now to get your very own Grappling dummy Maximus.

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