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  • The MMA Fighter or Grappler at International Level.
  • The Amateur Fighter.
  • The Fitness Professional or Enthusiast.
  • Security Forces and Self Defence Personnel.

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We specialize in the design and manufacture of outstanding grappling dummies. Hand crafted of revolutionary design.

We pride ourselves on the quality, the realism of movement, and the straight fact our grappling dummies will raise your solo workout to a higher level.

                                   BETTER SOLO TRAINING / FASTER RESULTS

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      "Get the BEST from your solo workout with a                             SUPERIOR Training Dummy"



"MAX"  Is our newest model grappling dummy - designed & set in the "Guard Position". His limbs automatically retract back into position. So less time spent re-setting when drilling techniques.

A must for the pure grappler or MMA fighter looking to drill hard & bring that flow into their ground game. 


"MAXIMUS" Our mainstay, and more pose-able dummy for stand up grappling or on the mat rolling. This guy offers even more technique options at your disposal for the Grappler, Martial Artist or Self Defense exponent.  


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